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Praxis Computing is a Los Angeles based information technology services firm that was founded in 1992. Our services include design, deployment, and support of IT systems . We specialize in developing customized offerings for each client to meet their unique business objectives. For nearly 30 years, we have been empowering our clients across all industries with IT infrastructures that provide them a competitive business advantage and which are responsive to evolving security threats.

By partnering with companies providing best-of-class hardware and software, and by maintaining high levels of knowledge and experience within our organization, Praxis Computing provides outstanding solutions to our clients.

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Grow your business with proactive it solutions

Ready to hand off your day to day IT needs and know that you’re in good hands? Our IT Services include a comprehensive approach to managing your IT infrastructure so you can focus on doing business.

In today’s fast moving world, security is no longer an option.The most effective approach to IT security is integration throughout your systems and processes.Our state of the art cyber security solutions will ensure that you have maximum protection from attacks

Our work from home solutions give you the flexibility to provide remote options to your employees without losing efficiency or continuity.

A well thought out and designed disaster recovery plan can ensure that your business is prepared to persevere through unexpected events.Rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure and you have a plan to recover and resume business.

Optimize your computing environment with virtual desktops, and provide your team with the most flexible work environment possible.Virtual desktops have become very common in large enterprises, but are only now starting to appear in smaller business environments. 

With the rise in use of video conferencing over the past year, it is essential to have a reliable and professional solution so that your meetings can be free from unnecessary interruptions both on the road and in the office.

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Our IT support is retained throughout Los Angeles by both large and small firms in diverse industries, including:




Real Estate


Tailored IT solutions for your business needs

Praxis Computing hires the highest caliber IT Professionals, and we engage in ongoing training and certification to keep our staff among the most talented and educated in Los Angeles.

Our personnel have been certified in top industry specializations including:

We are members of several vendor independent industry associations including CompTIA and BICSI.

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