Preemptive Cybersecurity Services

For Los Angeles businesses prioritizing security should be your top concern. In light of the significant surge in cybercrime over the past years, safeguarding vital business data remains an ongoing and formidable challenge. That is precisely why opting for Praxis Computing’s cybersecurity services becomes indispensable for ensuring the protection of your business.

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Security statistics that might shock you

Your organization’s data is valuable. That’s why it’s at risk. It’s time to invest in custom cybersecurity solutions that protect your network infrastructure and keep your private data secure.

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Only 5% of companies’ folders have proper protection.


Nearly 80% of IT leaders think their organization lacks adequate protection against cyberattacks.

1.4 million

The Federal Trade Commission received 1.4 million reports of identity theft in 2020, twice the number from 2019.

Are You An Easy Target?

Cybercriminals are opportunistic and look for simple exploits to gain access to business data. Download and follow our checklist to ensure you have basic protections in place to keep your information secure. 


How cyberSecurity Services protect your business

Cybercrime can have a devastating impact on your organization. When hackers infiltrate your IT infrastructure, your company’s most valuable data is at risk. 

Investing in custom security solutions solves this problem. Trained professionals can take care of your systems and networks while you focus on other tasks. As a result, you can prevent data and identity theft and protect your organization’s most valuable assets.

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How Praxis COMPUTING Helps

Praxis Computing provides custom security solutions for organizations in the L.A. metro area.
Here’s how we can help:

  • We assess your current security protocols and suggest the best solutions for your organization.
  • We provide ongoing IT support and consulting with our management and maintenance services. You get all the benefits of an in-house IT team for a fixed monthly cost. 
  • We take care of all your security needs. Our team protects your software, hardware, applications, and networks. 
  • We provide unlimited helpdesk services. We’re here for your 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
  • Our data recovery solutions protect your data in the event of a disaster.
  • You also get emergency support and preventative maintenance solutions that improve IT security across your organization. 
  • When you invest in our enterprise-grade security services, you can reduce downtime, prevent cyberattacks, improve compliance, protect data, and access the latest tools and technologies for a fixed monthly cost that won’t break the bank.

Your CYBERSecurity ExpertS

For almost 30 years, our highly experienced security engineers and consultants have helped organizations like yours in the L.A. metro area. 

With an ongoing commitment to customer service and value for money, we provide the technologies and support you deserve. 

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looking for custom IT security services?

Praxis Computing has a suite of security solutions that protects your organization from ongoing threats, and we're located nearby in the Los Angeles Metro Area.

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