Desktop Virtualization

For companies that want to connect to their desktops remotely, from any device anywhere, desktop virtualization can be the key to both security and productivity. This type of virtualization is the creation of virtual machines, so people can remotely access their desktops and still get the full functionality.

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How Do Virtual Desktops Work?

There are two main ways that desktop virtualization can be created, and which one a company chooses depends on whether their operating system is remote or local. In local desktop virtualization, the operating system uses hardware virtualization and runs on the client’s device.

The workloads and processing, therefore, are all completed on local hardware. This works well when a continuous connection to the network isn’t needed and local system resources are able to meet the computing requirements of the applications.

The other option for this type of virtualization is a remote version, which means the client can run applications and operating systems from a server located inside of a data center. All the user interactions still take place on the client device, but the processing is handled elsewhere.

That results in IT departments that are able to have a more centralized level of control over both desktops and applications. The remote access to a number of shared resources for computing helps to maximize the organization’s IT hardware investment.

Why Businesses should Choose Desktop Virtualization?

There are many reasons to consider desktop virtualization, but one of the most important ones is the ease and convenience it provides for people who need to switch to remote work. Desktop virtualization drastically reduces the amount of interruption to your workflow when having to move between office work and remote work, so you can be prepared for any and all work environments.

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What about security?

When compared to traditional remote solutions such as a VPN, desktop virtualization provides significantly more security and protection. Both larger and smaller enterprises can expect big benefits from desktop virtualization options, and they won’t need to worry about hacking and other issues that can come about from other types of remote or virtual setups.

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