Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Our data is constantly at risk, even in the cloud. Names, addresses, Social Security numbers, you name it — it could all vanish within a few seconds. Data often gets lost, damaged, corrupted, stolen, or sold on the dark web. It’s happening right now.

That’s why Praxis develops custom disaster recovery solutions for data-driven enterprises like yours. We store, secure, and salvage data so you can continue business operations if the unexpected happens. It’s what we do best.

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Why You Need Disaster Recovery Solutions

Data loss, theft, and corruption can have colossal ramifications on your business. Whether the culprit is a cyberattack, cloud service failure, insider threat, or human error, missing data causes all kinds of security problems:


Fifty-four percent of companies have experienced downtime because of a disaster.


Up to 60 percent of small businesses never open again after a disaster.


One in five companies doesn’t even have a disaster recovery plan.

Missing data could cause severe downtime for your organization. Team members might not complete day-to-day tasks. Customers might go elsewhere. It’s time you invest in a disaster recovery solution.

How We Solve
These Problems

We provide custom business continuity solutions for organizations across the Los Angeles metro area: 

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Here’s why you should invest in our data recovery services:

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Your Business Continuity Specialist

Our Cisco- and Microsoft-certified consultants and engineers have helped companies like yours improve their security credentials with a suite of business continuity solutions. Since 1992, we have delivered disaster recovery services that optimize performance and provide lasting value. Now we can do the same for you.

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looking for custom disaster recovery and business continuity solutions?

We back up, store, secure, and salvage your data so you can continue operations in the event of a disaster, and we're located in the Los Angeles Metro Area.

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