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Whether you’ve already switched to a work from home environment or you’re in need of flexible solutions, Praxis Computing is ready to help you make the transition and create a workflow that will keep your team on task no matter where they’re at.

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Remote working and the hybrid workplace is certainly not a new idea, but in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many more businesses are embracing the option of a remote and hybrid workforce.

As a result, businesses using remote work processes face new challenges — they must find ways to quickly adapt to these new changes, as well as learn how to integrate work from home technology with their current in-office network.

This can be a difficult task even for businesses that maintain their own IT department. That’s why many are choosing to partner with a managed IT services provider.

Hiring managed IT services to help with your business’s shift to remote work ensures that your organization has the necessary equipment, applications, and networking tools and devices to enable a functional and productive remote workforce.

What is Work From Home Technology?

To truly manage a remote and hybrid team effectively, you need to provide them with more than just a laptop or a mobile device. 

Putting together a technology infrastructure that accommodates both in-office employees as well as those working from home requires a professionally built network that offers high capacity and security. 

Additionally, those working from home or out in the field need to be able to access the network without difficulty to share, edit, or retrieve files.

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types of work from home technology include:

Work from home technology not only facilitates communication between all team members and employees no matter where they are working from, but also serves to improve productivity and efficiency throughout the organization.

Why Work with a Managed IT Services Provider?

Partnering with a company that provides managed services, like Praxis Computing, is a smart move when your company is looking to employ work from home technology.

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