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Praxis Computing has an incredible range of IT infrastructure solutions for businesses like yours. Our managed IT, security, disaster recovery, desktop virtualization, video conferencing and work-from-home services help run your organization without the fuss.

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What are IT INFRASTRUCTURE services?

IT infrastructure is the foundation of your business technology. You need components like hardware, software, network resources and other services to create a successful IT environment across your organization. 

Operating and managing all these components, however, can be difficult. There are likely hundreds of tasks you need to complete without worrying about data centers, servers, and operating systems. 

Why You Need Infrastructure Solutions

A well-managed network architecture provides you with enhanced security, stronger connection speeds and better accessibility. Although investing in infrastructure services requires an outlay, it could generate an investment return. That’s because you can support business operations and optimize how your team uses technology across your organization.

Whether employees work in the office or from home, using network architecture services improves productivity and performance among teams.

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How praxis computing Solves Network architecture issues

Praxis Computing provides various IT infrastructure solutions for organizations in the Los Angeles metro area. We handle all the tasks associated with managing hardware, software, servers, data centers, and other equipment so you can focus on running your business.

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As a Los Angeles managed services provider (MSP) with years of experience, we take care of infrastructure monitoring, network performance, cloud hosting, disaster recovery, business continuity, software training and more. We can also recommend new tools and technologies that power your business operations.

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We enhance cybersecurity across your infrastructure so you can protect sensitive data and reduce downtime. Our network security experts update hardware, software and other equipment with the latest security patches and identify cyberthreats before they jeopardize your business.


We improve your infrastructure environment with virtual desktops that run on remote servers. You can access work data and apps securely from any location and enhance team performance.


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Praxis Computing is your IT partner. Here are some benefits of working with us:

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