What Data Storage Method is Best For Your Law Office?

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Law firms handle a great deal of sensitive data every day, and it is vital that this data be kept safe and secure. Data storage methods can vary in terms of their level of security, so choosing the right method for your firm is key.

You’ll want a data storage solution that provides easy access to all your files while still remaining secure enough that it’s not easily hacked or open to unauthorized users. At the same time, being protected from system failures and physical hazards to the storage server are also essential points to consider.

We’ll analyze the details about different data storage methods to provide an idea as to what will be the best solution for your law firm.

Main Types of Data Storage Methods 

There are three common data storage methods: private, public, and hybrid. Each option has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss so your firm can make an informed decision about which will be the best solution.

Private Data Storage

Private storage is a secure and practical option for firms that like to keep their data on the premises. With this option, server maintenance and physical safe-guarding are taken care of by your company and would generally require an in-house IT specialist for upkeep of the storage server.

The benefit of using a private storage option for your data is that you don’t have to worry about shared access causing delays. One disadvantage is that your data is more susceptible to damage if a natural disaster strikes.

Public Data Storage

Public storage refers to data stored in a cloud system. Storing your data in the cloud is helpful because you can access the information from anywhere with an internet connection. Security is also prioritized by cloud service providers, and they work to keep up to date on the latest security protocols to ensure the data they are storing is protected.

Off-premises public storage can prove beneficial if any sort of physical disaster takes place at your office where a traditional storage server would be vulnerable to damage.

Hybrid Data Storage

This storage type combines the benefits of both private and public storage to provide a range of services. You can have an in-house IT team or an outsourced IT provider manage your hybrid data solutions, ensuring it’s as secure and optimized as possible. Your off-site data will still be kept safe from any natural disasters or physical threats that might occur.

What Method is Best for Your Law Firm?

Every law firm has to make a decision about what data storage methods work best for them based on individual needs and preference. All the storage options we’ve discussed have their own advantages that could be helpful for your firm.

If you’re looking for a traditional storage method and you’re able to effectively protect your server from any damage, private storage could be a great option. If you need to access your data remotely or want to take advantage of cloud-based security features, public storage would be a good solution.

Ultimately, it’ll come down to what your IT provider thinks would be the best storage option. Smaller firms may appreciate the affordability, access, and security of cloud storage. Larger firms may choose a hybrid cloud option, where their in-house IT handles specific tasks and an outsourced IT provider takes care of the rest. 

The most important consideration should always be which is the safest, most secure option within budget. If you’re able to get access to your data and know it’s protected, you’ll be confident with your decision.

Security Should Always Be a Priority 

The best way to keep your data safe is to have a secure server and to make sure your staff is educated on data security protocols. You should also have a disaster recovery plan in place in case of any unexpected emergencies.

Making sure your data is secure is the best way to protect your client’s privacy and your firm’s files. Over 90% of the data compromise events so far for 2022 have been caused by cyberattacks. By taking the time to evaluate your options and understand the different storage methods available, you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you.

Working with a professional IT service provider is a great way to find out which data storage option is best for your firm. They provide secure options for whichever type best fits your company.

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