You’ve Been Cyber Attacked—Now What? How Do You Recover?

what to do after a cyber attack

In today’s digital era, falling victim to a cyber attack is not a question of “if” but “when.”  Equipping yourself with the right knowledge on what to do after a cyber attack can mean the difference between a swift recovery and prolonged disruption—which can be both costly and catastrophic for businesses. 

So, what should you do when your organization has been hit with a cyber attack? Let’s take a closer look.

The Growing Threat of Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks have become increasingly frequent and sophisticated in recent years. According to the 2023 Cost of a Data Breach Report by IBM, the average cost of a data breach is now $4.45 million USD, a 15% increase over the previous 3 years. Prolonged downtime will only raise these costs. So, what can you do in the case of a cyber attack?

Steps to Recover: What to Do After a Cyber Attack

When faced with a cyber attack, it’s crucial to act quickly and effectively to minimize any damage. Here are five steps you can take to recover from a cyber attack.

1. Assess the Situation

The first step after a cyber attack is to assess the situation and gather as much information as possible about the cyber attack. This involves identifying the nature and scope of the attack, determining which systems, data, and users have been affected, and assessing the potential impact on business operations.

2. Activate the Incident Response Plan

One thing that will make this process easier is if your organization has planned ahead. If you’ve already thought through what to do after a cyber attack, you can reference your incident response plan. It’s essential to activate this plan immediately, as it will help guide your recovery efforts and minimize confusion.

3. Mitigate the Impact

Once the situation has been assessed and the incident response plan has been activated, the next step is to mitigate the impact of the cyber attack. This may involve restoring affected systems and data from backups, implementing temporary workarounds to keep business operations running, or containing the attack to prevent any further damage.

4. Investigate the Incident

It’s crucial to conduct a thorough investigation into the cyber attack to determine its root cause. This will not only help with recovery efforts but will also provide valuable information for potential legal or law enforcement actions.

5. Communicate with Stakeholders

Communication is key when it comes to recovering from a cyber attack. Keep employees, customers, and partners informed about the situation and any necessary actions they need to take. This will help maintain trust and minimize any negative impact on your organization’s reputation.

Taking control by planning what to do after a cyber attack will help you get through the unfortunate probable. You’ll be able to recover faster and stay ahead of any complications.

FAQ: What to Do After a Cyber Attack

  • What should I do if I suspect a cyber attack?: Immediately disconnect affected systems, notify your incident response team, and follow your organization’s incident response plan.
  • How can I prevent future cyber attacks?: Implement robust cybersecurity measures, such as regular software updates, employee training, and multifactor password policies.
  • How long does it typically take to recover from a cyber attack?: Recovery time varies depending on the nature and severity of the attack but can range from hours to months.
  • Should I consider hiring a cybersecurity firm for recovery?: Depending on the complexity of the attack, hiring a cybersecurity firm can provide expertise and resources to expedite recovery efforts.

Don’t Let Cyber Attacks Bring You Down

Trying to decide what to do after a cyber attack can be daunting, but taking immediate and informed action is critical to recovery. While the steps outlined above can significantly mitigate the impact of an attack, having a partnership with a cybersecurity firm can offer additional assurance and expertise.

If you’ve recently been targeted or are looking to fortify your defenses against potential cyber attacks, reach out to Praxis. With comprehensive cybersecurity services designed to address and recover from cyber threats, Praxis can help safeguard your operations against the unexpected.

For immediate assistance or inquiries, contact us today. Don’t wait until you’re in the midst of recovery—proactive prevention is the key to securing your digital landscape.