Boosting Your Business Cybersecurity With Security Awareness Training 

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There are several ways to boost your business cybersecurity, but there is one in particular that can not only help keep your data safe, but also keep your employees informed.

Over 80% of security compromises within businesses are caused by employees, as reported by SANS. This means your employees make you an ideal target for cybercriminals. In L.A., where business is booming and technology is seamlessly integrated into daily tasks, having a strong cybersecurity mindset is a useful tool.

Security awareness training can improve your employee’s cybersecurity habits and your own, leaving nothing up to question.

What is Employee Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training is a program that educates employees on business cybersecurity best practices and how to recognize potential threats. This can include things such as:

  • Strong password creation and management
  • Safely using company devices
  • Identifying phishing attempts
  • Reporting suspicious activity

Only 5% of business’s folders have proper protection, so you can imagine how urgent it is for companies to initiate employee security awareness training. This training should become a habit. Once a year is not enough for it to sufficiently stick.

How Does This Improve Employee Cybersecurity Habits?

Understanding not only what to look for but how to proceed in the event of a potential cybersecurity threat means new precautions can become daily habits over time. It’ll become as quick as subconsciously picking up your phone to check messages or social media posts.

This doesn’t mean you expect your employees to become cybersecurity experts instantly, but it does create a general understanding and sense of responsibility for business cybersecurity. When they have a better knowledge of how much of an impact they have on cybersecurity, they’ll be better prepared for preventing cyber attacks.

How Does Having a Strong Business Cybersecurity Mindset Boost Cyber Hygiene?

Not only does this type of training improve individual employee habits, but it can also help create a business cybersecurity mindset and boost overall cyber hygiene.

By empowering your employees with the knowledge to spot and prevent attacks, you can greatly reduce the risk of a data breach. Regular training sessions can also ensure that this information stays fresh in their minds, keeping them vigilant in their day-to-day tasks.

Your cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest link. By investing in security awareness training, you’ll ensure that every member of your team is armed with the necessary tools and skills to defend against cyber attacks.

So don’t wait until it’s too late – start boosting your business cybersecurity with Praxis today!

What Can LA Businesses Do to Improve Business Cybersecurity with Security Awareness Training?

With the sudden rise in cybercrime in recent years and the opening of many L.A. businesses, keeping data secure is a never-ending battle.

Some steps L.A. businesses can take include:

  • Regularly scheduling security awareness training sessions with updated information
  • Utilizing a cybersecurity professional like Praxis to handle security needs
  • Implementing strict password policies and regularly changing them
  • Providing employee education on identifying phishing scams

Don’t wait until it’s too late, keep your data secure with Praxis, a cybersecurity service that provides custom security solutions for organizations in the L.A. metro area.