Why Should Your Business Implement Controlled Access and Limit Data Visibility?

Person performing a biometric finger scan for controlled access into the building.

When a cybercriminal gets their greedy hands on your company’s data, the consequences can be dire. Despite the risks of losing data, only 5% of companies around the world have their folders properly protected. The right security controls can be the difference between a data breach and a secure system.

Controlled access and limited data visibility are two key security tools that take you from vulnerable to proactive. Here’s why your business needs them.

Controlled Access and Data Visibility

Cybersecurity tools have become the holy grail of the digital world as businesses opted for a virtual space. With technology as a leading cause of stress for remote workers, these tools are necessary. They allow businesses to control who has access to what information and also limit the amount of data visible to users.

Sensitive information in the wrong hands puts your organization at risk. Therefore, implementing these two security tools is a must:

  • Controlled Access: This security tool limits users to specific areas of your network. It ensures only the relevant personnel have access and helps to ensure data is kept secure.
  • Data Visibility: By limiting the amount of data that is visible to employees, companies reduce the risk of being exposed to malicious actors both internally and externally.

Top 3 Benefits of Controlled Access and Data Visibility

There are many benefits of implementing controlled access and data visibility that goes beyond security:

1. Increased Focus

By limiting data access to authorized personnel, employees can stay within their responsibilities and focus on their specific tasks at hand.

2. Reduced Cost

The cost of a cyberattack is expensive and crippling to businesses with high fines. Controlled access and limited data visibility are preventative tools that can help companies like yours avoid costly data breaches.

3. Business Control and Alignment

Companies can have an accurate and detailed overview of their data, which can allow them to monitor and manage their business more effectively. With 88–95% of data breaches caused by employee errors, these security tools are a game changer.

How to Implement Controlled Access and Data Visibility

Taking the necessary security steps can feel like a daunting task. And, implementation is no exception. Companies everywhere are partnering with an IT security professional for their security needs—IT experts can handle the grunt work, so you don’t have to.

With the help of an IT professional like Praxis, you can be in total control of your security measures. We believe it’s better to talk to a business person than an IT person, so we customize our approach to align with your company’s needs. Plus, according to CompTIA, 50% of companies who have a managed service provider saved 1–24% in annual IT costs.

So, when it comes to providing the necessary security controls, don’t settle—save on cost and time.

Praxis Puts You In Charge

At Praxis we believe that CFOs should be in full control of the day-to-day business. That’s why our security solutions are designed to provide companies with maximum visibility and control over their data. Our IT experts understand the inner workings of businesses and can provide tailored advice to ensure your security infrastructure fits your specific needs.

Don’t let fear of cost be the deciding factor in choosing IT security solutions; focusing on business control and alignment will provide greater value for your company. With Praxis, you can talk to business experts who understand your needs and goals, rather than just IT professionals.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our security solutions and how we can help you protect your business.