How M365 Services Can Benefit a Business

Microsoft 365, more commonly called M365, is a set of Microsoft tools that are designed for businesses. Microsoft has a long history of providing high-quality software that makes business operations easier. In fact, many of those software tools have become the standard for business, academia, and research applications.

Every business can benefit from having high-quality software. The key is finding the right software and knowing how to use it. Here is a deeper look at how M365 services can benefit a business.

M365’s Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Over the last decade, companies shifted to a cloud-based infrastructure that delivers a new level of connectivity and centralized design. Because of this, companies are more interconnected and efficient than ever before. M365 takes advantage of this to make its industry-leading business software a better fit for modern businesses. 

For example, companies use Microsoft Word to create documents. Instead of sending those files to other users, they are saved to a repository in the cloud, and any authorized user can pull down a copy when they need it. In most cases, this happens automatically and eliminates repetitive tasks that computers can do more efficiently. 

Built-In Security and Productivity Systems

M365 does more than share files and resources. It also provides enhanced security and device management features. Businesses keep tight control of their workstations since losing one could expose all of the company’s sensitive data. You can manage this through the cloud.

M365 lets you manage devices and accounts in the cloud, making it possible to reach a device that is missing. For example, a laptop with sensitive data goes missing. An admin can lock the accounts on that laptop or lock the device itself if it goes online again. Without having the device available, your IT staff can secure the data wherever the missing device is. 

Software Works Offline As Well

One major concern about using M365 is the ability to work without an internet connection. Microsoft programs associated with M365 can be used offline as well. 

Each of the M365 programs still work on devices that support offline tools. When you reconnect to the internet, M365 connects to the cloud server and updates the files that you worked on. That way, all your files stay up to date automatically.

Improve Productivity and Collaboration

All of these features are designed to help your company be more productive and collaborative. Microsoft programs are industry-leading because they give you the best tools for specific tasks. Combined with cloud-based services, M365 makes it easy to share your work and manage your IT resources. Contact Praxis to learn more about how M365 can take your business to the next level.