How Firewalls Improve Business Cybersecurity

A firewall keeps organizations safe from cybercriminals that want to steal their most valuable asset—data. But how does a firewall protect that data? And what business cybersecurity benefits does it bring to organizations here in the Los Angeles metro area? Learn more about firewalls below.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall is security software that prevents unauthorized access to computer networks. It monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic that flows through networks and blocks that traffic if there’s a potential security risk. 

A firewall is just one layer of IT security that L.A. businesses require in an ever-dangerous world where cybercrime is on the rise. 

What are the Benefits of Firewalls?

Firewall security provides local businesses with a much-needed security blanket. Here are some benefits:

  • Monitor network traffic
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase online privacy
  • Stop spyware 
  • Block malware
  • Prevent hackers from infiltrating computer systems

Firewall Challenges

Online security involves much more than installing a firewall and letting it do its thing. Firewalls require ongoing maintenance to preserve secure networks across ever-complicated IT infrastructures within data-driven organizations. 

Someone needs to manage a firewall, configure it, and sustain it. That someone is an administrator who requires knowledge of firewall rules and can implement best practices like specifying destination ports, designating source I.P. addresses, and tweaking other complicated firewall components. Otherwise, a firewall is pretty useless. 

The problem is, few companies know how to use a firewall effectively. Twelve percent of organizations are completely unaware when a mis-configured firewall causes a problem on their network, and 34 percent have less than 50 percent real-time visibility into network compliance and security risks. Firewalls can be complicated, which is why organizations need to call in a business cybersecurity expert

Final Word

A firewall is a critical component of business cybersecurity, but few organizations in L.A. know how to use one properly. Investing in a firewall security expert helps companies prevent data breaches, stop spyware, monitor network traffic, and increase privacy when browsing the web. 

Implementing firewalls and awareness of proper cybersecurity practices are essential to business success. Praxis is an L.A.-based IT managed services specialist that takes care of firewall maintenance and revolutionizes online security across organizations. Discover more.