How to Update your Business Tech

Your business tech stack determines how connected you are to your customers and partners and how you make the most of business technology advancements. But which key aspects of the digital world should you focus on? 

As well as taking advice from your IT support team or IT services department, here are four ways to keep your business future-proof.


A foundational way to look after your business’s technology and digital assets is to invest in effective cybersecurity. 

More people than ever are working remotely or accessing multiple, cloud-based systems, leading to the term “digital resilience”; this refers to businesses that can cope with the additional connectivity and stay secure. 

Modern cybersecurity needs to cover internal policies that manage how employees set passwords and avoid clicking nefarious links, plus what digital security you need to protect your websites, data, and other assets.

Cloud-Based Working

Many businesses are replacing clunky legacy systems run entirely in-house with cloud-based alternatives that are more lightweight, easier to run, and sometimes cheaper. 

Many SaaS (software as a service) vendors provide more advanced options to businesses than they could get with their own IT support teams, such as more effective data integration or intelligent data warehousing solutions.

AI and Machine Learning

Far from futuristic anymore, AI-based technologies are becoming more prevalent every day. 

From automated systems that learn the best time to perform tasks to chatbots that learn the ideal way to respond to customers, expect to see AI of some sort entering your business soon, if it hasn’t done so already.

Third-Party Managed IT Services

Innovations are exciting and open up many opportunities for businesses, but they can be daunting to companies that lack digital confidence. In addition, in-house IT support teams can be expensive and often run on a “break-fix” cycle, dealing with problems reactively rather than planning for every contingency.

A managed IT services team overlooks your entire system and networks, helping you put effective cybersecurity in place and creating monitoring solutions to create digital resilience. 

The primary advantage of managed IT services is that it lets you update your business tech with confidence; then, it gives you the time to focus on your business without worrying about the details of running your own IT support.

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