Transforming Your Conference Room Into a Collaborative Zoom Meeting Space 

zoom video call

Adapting to the pandemic required organizations to rethink how they operate. And with that, many decided to do remote work which inevitably meant they relied on technology much more. Zoom conferencing has become the go-to solution for connecting people, no matter where they are.

But if you’ve been in a Zoom meeting where the audio and video haven’t been up to par or been zoom bombed you know it can be a major distraction. That’s why Praxis is here to help.

What Makes Zoom Conference Rooms so Secure?

Praxis offers Zoom services that transform your existing conference room space into a Zoom meeting paradise with all the technical components set up for optimal performance, like sound bars, web cameras, and more. And all these components are designed for Zoom’s secure audio and video communications protocols so you can be sure that the Zoom meeting is encrypted, safe, and reliable.

You’re protected from outside threats, Zoom bombing, and any other malicious activities with features such as:

  • Zoom Rooms
  • Zoom Room Controls
  • Zoom Security Settings

Zoom Room Options of Your Choosing

Like all things Zoom, you can customize settings to your preferences. Whether it’s the Zoom meeting controls, breakout rooms for smaller groups to work on projects together, or analytics – you can measure engagement levels during the meeting and make improvements afterward—all these options are at your fingertips with Praxis Zoom services.

If you’re a part of the 89% of Zoom users utilizing the tool for business meetings—customization of these types of rooms will be your best friend. The types of zoom room setup styles include the following:

  • Hollow square:  This is great for smaller groups who need to have a discussion and not be overwhelmed by the size of the space. It allows everyone to easily look at each other in the conference room while still being able to hear each other clearly.
  • U-shape: If you’re looking for an even more intimate Zoom setting, the U-shape Zoom setup is perfect for you. Every Zoom participant faces each other and has ample space to interact.
  • Classroom style: This Zoom room setup gives attendees their own workstation where they can get down to business. It’s great for Zoom meetings that involve a lot of collaboration and support from all participants.
  • Banquet: Zoom Banquet setup is the meeting style to choose when you need to accommodate a large audience—perfect for lectures and presentations where Zoom participants will be seated listening rather than actively participating.
  • Auditorium: Want to provide your attendees with a comfortable seating while still allowing everyone enough space to interact? The auditorium setup is optimal for large meetings where participants will be actively participating in discussions, debates, or presentations.

Easy Zoom Setup At Your Fingertips

If this new technological tool is new to you and your team, you don’t have to worry. Praxis is here to help you start the Zoom conference room journey in 3 easy steps.

  1. Design: We will work together with you to design a Zoom meeting space that meets your unique needs and requirements.
  2. Installation: Our technicians will come in and set up all the necessary technical components so that your Zoom conference room is ready to go.
  3. Training: We will provide training for you and your team on how to use Zoom in the new Zoom meeting space.

When it comes to collaborating with remote teams, Praxis can help transform your existing conference room into a secure Zoom meeting space confidently and securely.

Embrace Technology Securely with Praxis 

We understand that Zoom conference room meetings can be intimidating and confusing, so we make sure to provide you with step-by-step guidance in every Zoom session. More than setting up your ideal zoom space, we pride ourselves in never leaving you in the dark—by the end of our service, you’ll know just as much as we do.

Say goodbye to technological headaches and Zoom glitches, and hello to your fully functional Zoom conference room with the help of Praxis!   Give our team a call today and learn more about embracing technology securely and experience Zoom like never before.