7 Tips to Overcome the Biggest Technology Headaches in Your Business 

Tired employee sitting at her desk with a headache from technology

Technology has revolutionized the way businesses operate by enabling processes to become more efficient and employees extra productive. But along with all of the good it brings comes a unique set of technology headaches that business owners must face.

Cure Your Technology Headache with the Help of Praxis

At Praxis Computing, our goal is to help you and your business get the most out of technology without having to worry about all the technical headaches that come along with it. We specialize in finding custom solutions for your unique needs, so you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about security.

We’ve put together this guide to show you how working with the right IT provider like Praxis can help you gain control over your technology. From creating better security to centralizing your data, we’ll show you the best practices and strategies for keeping your business running smoothly no matter what technology challenges come your way:

1. Create a Culture of Security

Security is not an individual’s responsibility; it’s everyone’s responsibility. When you partner with Praxis, you get security awareness training for your employees to ensure they are well-informed about the latest threats and can help create a culture of security within your business. 

Around 88–95% of data breaches are caused by employee errors, your employees need to be prepared with the knowledge and skills to protect the company from attacks.

2. Find the Right IT Provider

In an ever-changing digital world, finding the right IT provider is crucial to keeping your business running smoothly and avoiding technology headaches. With 92% of G2000 businesses (Forbes Global businesses) opting for outsourced IT, this goes to show that having the right IT services is important to the top global businesses.

At Praxis, we’ll be your outsourced IT department. We have extensive knowledge of the technology you are currently using. Plus, we know what will be necessary for you to keep up with the changing tech environment. And as you get new technology, we’ll even maintain your security to protect your data from outside sources.

3. Don’t Stick with Slow, Outdated Systems

Outdated systems can be a major obstacle when it comes to running an efficient business, and they leave you incredibly vulnerable to cyberattacks—Equifax’s data breach occurring due to their failure to update their system is just one horror story of outdated systems. 

Technology like cloud-based storage solutions such as Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365 allow for easier collaboration and communication. Not to mention the bonus of cyber safety—you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your data is securely backed up in the cloud.

With Praxis, you don’t need to do the work. We’ll help you find the right technology to invest in. Your employees will thank you when they have access to the best tools for their jobs.

4. Grieve the Death of Your Devices

Sadly, all technology comes with a shelf life. Investing in quality equipment will help ensure you get the most out of your devices. But even the best technology will eventually need replacing. 

With technology as an added stress, you could become quickly overwhelmed.

With a partner like Praxis, you can get the help you need when it comes to budgeting for new equipment. As technology experts, Praxis can take a look at your budget and make recommendations that will give your business the tools it needs to operate. Failing to consider the life cycle of your technology means never-ending troubleshooting, shutdowns, and crashes while your team works on critical projects. 

Don’t let your old devices put your business at risk.

5. Manage Your Passwords

With so many different applications and programs, it can be difficult to keep track of all your passwords. Despite what many business owners may believe, using your browser’s password management system can serve to be a security risk.

Instead, IT providers offer secure password managers that will help you store and manage all of your passwords in one easy-to-access place. That way, you can rest assured that your accounts are protected.

6. Stop Wasting Time on Siloed Data

Data that is trapped in individual departments and difficult to share by executives or other departments is a major technology headache. As employees run around trying to find specific data, siloed data can lead to wasted time and resources. 

Praxis has the cloud solutions you need. Enjoy data that’s easy to access and analyze instantaneously by all departments, no matter the location.

7. Gain Limited Visibility and Control

Having visibility and control over your data and systems is key to preventing security threats and technology headaches. A robust IT management system such as Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics can give you detailed visibility into any potential threats and allow you to take action quickly to protect your data.

But you need an IT provider who can install the systems you need and provide ongoing maintenance for maximum security. With Praxis, your systems will be monitored 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about any potential threats.

Ready to Get the IT Support You Deserve?

Getting the right IT provider to handle all your technology headaches can make a world of difference for your business. Let Praxis be that partner for you. With decades of experience in the tech space, we’re here to guide you through any situation. 

Let us provide a boost to your security, update your technology, and more

—we’ll do it all without you having to worry about a thing. Don’t let technology hold you back from achieving success. Set up a meeting with us today!